Meghan Markle has canceled her ‘VIP contract’ with Audi, she’s moving to the UK

September 20th, 2017 | by staff
Meghan Markle has canceled her ‘VIP contract’ with Audi, she’s moving to the UK
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I’m getting a little bit tired of all the “tea-leaf reading” when it comes to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Like, the jig is up. We know that they’re either engaged or will be soon. We even know that they’re likely to announce it in the next month. There’s no need to look for “signals.” It’s happening. She wouldn’t have given that Vanity Fair interview if she didn’t know for a fact that she would be marrying a prince in the next year. So, with that in mind, try to get excited about the fact that Meghan is giving up her lease on an Audi in Canada because she’s planning on spending more time in the UK.

Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle has unexpectedly handed back her lease car in Canada, sparking talk she is moving to London more permanently. Miss Markle, 36, who currently lives in Toronto where she films legal drama series Suits, cancelled her ‘VIP’ contract with Audi North America several months early, well-placed sources in the US have told the Mail. They claim she has no need for the £40,000 vehicle as she plans to ‘spend more time in the UK’ from November. Another source said that while Miss Markle, who is currently filming in Canada, had committed to the show until Christmas, it was not clear what her work plans were after that.

Like many car firms, Audi has long-standing links with various celebrities and VIPs, who act as ‘ambassadors’ for the brand. Generally they get use of a car for free or at a preferential rate for doing a set number of appearances at events, or simply being ‘seen’ or ‘associated’ with the luxury brand. Miss Markle has, for the last four years, been driving a robust Audi Q5 sports utility vehicle, perfect for her two dogs and the Canadian winters, as a member of the Audi VIP Programme. She has posted a number of photographs on Instagram showing her inside an Audi with her dogs, Guy and Bogart.

Her contract for the SUV was brokered through an Audi dealership in the US, believed to be in her home town of Los Angeles. It is understood that she paid for the car personally but at what is believed to be a discounted or advantageous rate. The source said: ‘Meghan Markle has prematurely ended her contract with Audi here in US. It is believed that she will be spending more time in the UK. It was a normal commercial contract. It was a car she was paying for, to be clear. She was being treated like a normal customer but, as an actress, with some VIP celebrity elements. Audi do a lot of this. There were no particular favours, certainly not because of her dating the prince.’

Another industry source stressed, however, that Miss Markle had also become deeply concerned that her car, which she had been driving for four years, had made her too recognisable to the paparazzi. Several recent incidents prompted her to decide not to drive in the city any more and seek a termination to her leasing contract, they said. It is believed she is currently being driven in a chauffeured car provided by her employers, NBC Universal, when she needs to be on set.

‘There has been a security element to her decision,’ the source added. Miss Markle’s choice of vehicle is interesting as many members of the royal family also drive Audis.

[From The Daily Mail]

Well, yeah, if she’s been a VIP client of Audi for four years, of course it had nothing to do with Prince Harry. They’ve only been together since 2016! The VIP-Audi status thing sounds like a pretty normal perk of being an actress/celebrity, but since she was not a mega-status celebrity before Prince Harry, of course she had to pay for her lease. She probably just got a minor discount, and the trade off was that she would feature her Audi in social media posts, or maybe even her website, The Tig (which is now shuttered). Audi got their money’s worth just from this story alone!

As for Meghan quietly preparing to leave Toronto… yeah, duh, of course. Of course she’s moving to London. As soon as she wraps on Suits – and her character is most likely being written off the show somehow – she will move to London full time. That move will coincide with the engagement announcement. None of this will be surprising when it happens!

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